Judging others on their faults stems from an exaggerated sense of selfness, and leads to a misunderstanding of differences, so we must return to the balance of nature in order to gain insight from the soul of the world to help us better achieve a sense of security and overcome our separation from one another, by involving ourselves with environmental guardianship we are essentially evolving toward the healing of the pain of the planet and all of its inhabitants. The purpose of this is in a question; how can we know truth before acting it out? Even an age of suffering has a transcendent element to it.

Plant Symbolism & Metaphysical Properties

In the sense of spiritual botany, a plant is divided into symbolic sections that create correspondences to a magical nature:

Root: command, control, and bind

Crown: transition and connecting opposites

Stem/Trunk: changing perspective and new insights

Leaves: empowering and energizing

Bud: opportunities and potential 

Flower:spiritual connections

Fruit: completion and reflection

Seed: continuation and preservation 

These correspondences can be applied when planning how to use a plant for a specific magical intent. 

(Source: Old World Witchcraft Ancient Ways for Modern Days by Raven Grimassi)